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Recession Proof Your Period during the Tampon Shortage with a Best, Periodt. cup

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve likely seen and heard about the impending recession and the many supply-chain issues suppliers have been facing since 2020. Most recently, the tampon shortage is sounding alarms.  The thought of not having access to your menstrual care products when you need them may make you uneasy (and rightfully so). Luckily for you, you have alternatives to tampons and even pads. Welcome, the age of reusable period products. You can dodge the tampon supply chain issues and recession proof your period during the tampon shortage with a Best, Periodt. cup.


Why choose the Best Periodt cup?

You have many options when it comes to reusable menstrual products but will likely find none of those options quite compares to the Best Periodt menstrual cup. Not only does it have higher capacity than other menstrual cups on shelves, but it is also USA made, gynecologist recommended, comes with a convenient (and cute) hygienic carrying case and is super comfortable. Just read the Best Periodt cup reviews! The FDA-registered Best Periodt cup's 1-of-a-kind base and stem make insertion and removal so much easier too. Add all of the aforementioned with its full-color, easy-to-follow booklet style user guide and you  have a home run.


Best Periodt is shaking up the aisles of period care and making menstrual cycles sustainable, fun, comfy, inclusive and cool – for the very first time. From Best Periodt’s funny and informative TikTok videos to their brown-skinned bodies in instruction manuals, this Black owned menstrual cup brand is bringing something to the ‘femcare’ industry that has not been seen before. Breathing life into a place that has been stagnant for so long, know that you’re in safe (and stylishly fresh) hands with Best Periodt.


Why  menstrual cups over tampons?

While tampons absorb your flow, a cup collects it, and in much higher capacity. In addition to holding more, you can also wear menstrual cups longer than tampons (12 hours of protection compared to 4-6 with a tampon), and do not have to worry about menstrual cups causing dryness, messing with PH or leaving behind microfibers.


Aside from providing more freedom with longer wear time and being better for the body, menstrual cups are also a much more sustainable option. Close to 20 billion one-time use menstrual products end up in landfills annually in the USA alone. That’s a lot of pads and tampons! Most medical grade silicone menstrual cups, if taken care of can last up to ten years. And because cups can last years, this also means it’ll save you money. So in conclusion, menstrual cups save you time and are better for your body, the environment and your wallet.


As tampon users often find it to be a pretty smooth transition to menstrual cups as cups, when folded to insert, are around the same size as a tampon. The Best Periodt cup is a great, safe alternative to tampons with many converts swearing to never go back to tampons again. Those with heavy flows are especially grateful as Best Periodt Size 2 cups hold 8x more than a regular absorbency tampon.


Will Tampons Disappear?

The short answer is no. While tampons are currently facing a supply chain shortage, they will rebound and be back on shelves soon and will still have people using them. The conundrum is that brands will face though is that while there is a shortage, many users will be switching to healthier, more sustainable options like Best Periodt menstrual cups and this may result in tampon brands losing some of their market share, especially amongst Gen Z and Millennial buyers who tend to be more health conscious and sustainable shoppers.  


The reality is that younger consumers are changing the way they purchase menstrual care. According to Deloitte, young consumers will drive the change in the feminine hygiene industry. Generation Z especially has a unique shopping behavior that’s driven by making a positive impact on social and environmental sustainability. But in addition to this, Millennial consumers are also demanding more eco-friendly products and are willing to pay more for green products and change their habits for them as well.


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