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How It Works

We don't ever want to leave you hanging and want to make sure you have all the must-knows to use your Best, Periodt. cup correctly. #WeGotchu


Menstrual cups are similar to tampons, except:

  • You fold it to insert
  • It collects your flow instead of absorbing it
  • Ours holds 8x the flow of a regular tampon
  • It doesn't create micro tears "down there"
  • It doesn't mess with your body's PH
  • No chemical-treated cotton, or cotton at all for that matter
  • You can reuse it for up to 10 years (but we recommend replacing every 2)
  • You can wear for up to 12 hours at a time
  • It's better for the environment

And yup, you can do all the things with one in while you sleep, swim, run, do pilates, weight train, twerk, you name it, it's safe with a menstrual cup. Except for penetrative sex. Take it out before you go there...


Now we know that may have left you with lots of questions. Below you'll find all you need to know about insertion, cleaning, preventing leaks and removal. Everything in fact about how to use a period cup. Read on to find out how period cups work.


STEP 1. Boil cup for 5 mins at the start of each cycle.

Note, you needn't boil after every removal during your period. Just prior to each cycle (once a month).

TIP: Boil just before you expect your period & store in your convenient case.

boiling your menstrual cup



STEP 2. Wash hands

Thoroughly wash your hands (sing Queen Bey's Love On Top chorus to make sure you do it long enough ;)

TIP: Running your cup briefly under water makes for easy insertion

Wash Hands


STEP 3. Fold cup

You have many options for folding your menstrual cup. But for The Best, Period. cup we've settled on two as the best folds. The "push down" fold or the "C-fold". The founder's personal favorite is the push down fold. See how to do menstrual cup folds below.

The "C-Fold" :

A. Flatten cup

menstrual cup fold instructions

B. Fold Cup in half & voila!

menstrual cup c fold instructions


The "Push-Down Fold" (The Founder's Fav) :

A. Push rim of cup down with pointer finger

menstrual cup folds

B. Squeeze together. Voila!

menstrual cup folds


STEP 4. Insert folded cup

Holding your folded cup between your pointer finger & thumb, slide the curved folded edge of the cup into your vagina angled towards your spine.

best menstrual cup



STEP 5. Create a strong seal

To prevent leaking, slide your finger along your vaginal wall around the cup’s rim, gently pressing the edges of the cup to ensure its fully opened. (This also makes the 360 rotation easier)

NOTE: This image is to show the sealing method only, not ideal placement of cup. While you can very well have it low, you'll likely find it more comfortable closer to your cervix.

creating a leak free menstrual cup seal


Your Best, Periodt. cup offers up to 12 hours of leak-free protection. Like with your first time ever using a pad or tampon though, menstrual cups too have a learning curve, and you may not get it right on the first try.

You likely have pantyliners or pads you've purchased lying around. Rather than wasting them, we recommend using them as "backup" when first starting out. This allows you to confidently master your menstrual cup.

Usually by the 2nd or 3rd cycle new cup users become pros and pledge to never go back to using pads or tampons again because they love cups so much. 

The average menstruator has around 450 periods in their lifetime. Surely you can use 2 of those to learn to use your menstrual cup, which in turn makes the rest so much better (& is better for your body and the environment). 

Leaks are often caused if:

1) The rim of the cup is not fully opened. The rim not being opened fully is what is most often the cause of menstrual cup leakage. See Step 4 above to prevent leaks from occurring this way.

menstrual cup leaks

2) It isn't properly positioned. Most people do not have this issue, but some vagina-having-folk have what is known as a tilted uterus. If this is you, feel for your cervix and ensure the cup is sitting under it:

menstrual cup positioning

3) You have the wrong Cup Size:

best periodt cup



Your cup can remain leak-free for up to 12 hrs and most can keep in this long, however for some, depending on flow may require emptying more frequently. Way less changes than a tampon or pad though #MajorWin!


STEP 1. Clean your hands & relax

Two important things required before removing the cup: (1) clean hands & (2) patience - you’ll need a little of this when just starting out. Don't worry, it gets easy with practice. Wash hands thoroughly & take a deep breath, you've got this!


how to use your menstrual cup


STEP 2. Elevate leg (or squat over toilet)

Get comfy squatting over the toilet (or with leg elevated on a tub) & separate your labia (vagina lips) with your fingers.


how to insert a menstrual cup
how to insert a menstrual cup


STEP 3. Gently remove your cup

With your thumb & pointer finger very gently pull on the stem & pinch the base slightly. This will break the seal & allow you to slowly slide the cup down the vagina. Keep cup upright until out completely.

A. Release menstrual cup suction:

release menstrual cup suction

B. Pinch Based, then remove slowly, keeping upright:

best periodt menstrual cup removal


STEP 4: Emptying Your Cup

Pour period cup blood from upright cup into toilet. You can then rinse your cup & hands in a sink & reinsert. 


how to remove a menstrual cup


STEP 5: Cleaning Your Cup

Remember, you needn't boil between changes the week of your period. You simply rinse/clean your cup thoroughly in the sink, removing any debris from the holes at the top of rim. How to use a period cup with soap? If using a soap to clean your menstrual cup, opt for a liquid soap that is a mild, scent-free, color-free option. Assure all soap is rinsed off completely before reinserting. You needn't dry before reinserting. In fact, the wet cup is easier to insert.

If you’re finding debris difficult to remove from the suction holes, an easy hack is to fill the cup up with water, put your hand on top and squeeze. The water pushing through the holes will remove all debris.

cleaning your menstrual cup

Your menstrual cup – how to use in a public bathroom?

If you're emptying your menstrual cup in a public restroom, you may find it helpful to bring a bottle of water into the stall. Another option is to wet a napkin in the sink on your way to the stall to use. Or you can simply wipe your cup off with the toilet paper in the stall and reinsert. 

Remember though, your Best, Periodt. cup holds 4x more than your super tampon or heavy flow pad can, which means, you likely will not be changing in a public restroom too often (if at all). This of course will be depending on flow. No matter though, even heavy bleeders will have less changes.

 Check out some helpful video's on our YouTube Channel :