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Take the Menstrual Cup Size Quiz

We want to make your purchase perfect, which includes helping you find the right menstrual cup size. Take our menstrual cup size quiz to discover the best product to buy to help you manage your periods without any worry, drama, or stress.

Our fun, interactive quiz for menstrual cup size takes less than a minute to complete. With just a few simple questions we can help you select the right Best, Periodt. cup based on your past periods, your age, and a few other details.

Getting it Right

We recommend you take our menstrual cup quiz whether this is the first time you have ever used a period cup or if you have used one before from another brand. We personally think ours is the best (and most fun) menstrual cup quiz, plus it is designed with our menstrual cups in mind. Just read the questions and choose the answer that most closely matches your period, and we will provide you the ideal period cup size to fit your needs.

Of course, our team is here to help you if you need answers to other questions, and our FAQ section also answers common questions people have about Best, Periodt.