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Our Values

Companies that hold themselves to a high standard move different. And well, I guess you can say, we've got the moves like Jagger. But like, if Jagger is dancing to a gospel bop, because we're about that Proverbs 16:3 life, 'round here.

Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established (Proverbs 16:3 - KJV)


There are things we are unwilling to budge on. Here they are:


Be Customer Obsessed:

We make a concerted effort to deeply understand our customer's problem and the best way to solve it with our products in a way that makes them break out into the cabbage patch dance. We are constantly speaking with our audience to figure out better ways to attend to their needs. We get that our customers are the lifeblood of our business and because of this, our customer service protocol is simple: Go over and beyond to make every single person that interacts with Best, Periodt. feel valued. 


Produce The Highest Quality, Periodt:

We don't skim on quality for a higher margin around here. Because we are customer obsessed, we know our customers want the very best, and we're here to give it to them. From US manufacturing in an ISO:13485 facility, to 3rd party certifications, to MD approvals -- we ensure it happens. Even the boxes our cups come in are FSC certified, use organic ink and are USA made. We're committed to excellence, periodt. 


Unapologetically Showcase Minority Representation:

There are no performative photoshoots around here. We showcase diversity not just on our social channels, but in the places it truly matters -- Where decisions are made and impact is felt. We also go the extra mile to ensure minority representation isn't a second thought, but one of the foundational pieces of our brand's every move. From brown-bodied instruction manuals to managerial positions. We at Best, Periodt. care because we care, not because it's cool to do so right now.


Show Up Authentically:

Our founder knows no other way to be, so authenticity is stitched into every fabric of our company. From our communication style to our promotional material, you can't help but feel the honesty in our brand. We thrive on truth-telling and building deep, honest connections.


Education First, Profits Later:

We're breaking the traditional business-quo of profit-first. We want to educate first, and show up with value for those who interact with our brand, whether or not they decide to buy.


God Is the true CEO

While, we can't legally put it on paper on this side of the heavens, God is our CEO. And to be clear, we're talkin' the God of Jacob, Isaac and Abraham. You know, the one who parted the Red Sea and sent his only begotten son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. The Alpha & Omega. That one. The great I Am.

We walk with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit 'round these parts. In the words of Victoria Orenze , we get backing ooooo. 


These are the core values that we at Best, Periodt. stand by.