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we don't mean to brag but...

We're Making Periods Cool, For The First Time.


'Cause we care about the kiddies & your kitty

Okay that was corny.

We promise this page gets better.

Moving right along.

We get that not everyone has a "cute period".  

You know, the super-light type that only lasts for 0.5 seconds. 🙃

If that isn't you, you're certainly not alone. 👋🏾

Best, Periodt. founder, Gayneté wasn't blessed with a cute period either.

In fact, hers was like an avalanche. She was tired of wasting money and time on harmful pads and super plus tampons, and the menstrual cups she tried just didn't do the job. 😔

Wanting a body and Earth-friendly solution but finding that regular cups leaked and didn't have enough capacity for her heavier flow days left our founder discouraged, thinking she was stuck changing pads and tampons hourly on the first 2 days of her cycle.

This all changed when she interviewed someone on her Freedom Slay Podcast who shared their story of creating a product solving a need and selling it on Amazon. She got to thinking about problems she was passionate about solving.

The birth of Best, Periodt.

Gayneté wanted to create the first cup of its kind to not only handle both light & ridiculously heavy days like a pro, but also to do away with the inconvenient cloth bags others came with, fit comfortably like a glove, be made with the highest quality materials and educate in the process.

The founder also had a deep desire to bring some much needed realness to the feminine healthcare space: getting rid of the fluff and managing cup users expectations from the start, to create an overall better experience.

After lots of research, many sketches, samples, tests and time she and her super dope female menstrual cup engineer finally got it right. (Whew, the tiiiime!)

Gayneté was dead-set on making sure everything from Best, Periodt. was, well, the best, periodt. 👑

oh snap!

You're Still Reading 😏

We're basically besties now.

Check out our founder's welcome video made just for you right here.