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we don't mean to brag but....

We're Making Periods Sustainable, Fun, Comfy & Cool, For The First Time.


"Have an enjoyable *gasp* period."

Yea, we're pretty proud of that.

Enjoyable isn't typically a word synonymous with periods. But in the words of Beyoncé, partna, let us upgrade you...

We're Making Periods Forgettable.

Best, Periodt. is a mission-driven menstrual care company that is making menstrual cycles comfortable and *wide-eyed-stare* , forgettable.


We're transforming experiences for people with periods, helping them to have more freedom and less pain so that they can forget that they're even on "that time of the month".

We get that not everyone has a "cute period".

You know, the super-light type that only lasts for 0.5 seconds. 🙃

If that isn't you, you're certainly not alone. 👋🏾

Best, Periodt. founder, Gayneté wasn't blessed with a cute period either.

In fact, hers was like an avalanche. She was tired of wasting money and time on harmful pads and super plus tampons, and the menstrual cups she tried just didn't do the job. 😔

Wanting a body and Earth-friendly solution but finding that regular cups leaked and didn't have enough capacity for her heavier flow days left our founder discouraged, thinking she was stuck changing pads and tampons hourly on the first 2 days of her cycle.

This all changed when she interviewed someone on her Freedom Slay Podcast who shared their story of creating a product. She got to thinking about problems she was passionate about solving with a product of her own.

Since which she has made it her mission to create real, meaningful change for period-havers around the world.

The birth of Best, Periodt.

Gayneté wanted to create a menstrual care brand like no other. For product number one she wanted to make the first cup of its kind to not only handle both light & ridiculously heavy days like a pro, but also to do away with the inconvenient cloth bags others came with, fit comfortably like a glove, be made with the highest quality materials and educate in the process.

After lots of research, many sketches, samples, tests and time she and her super dope female menstrual cup engineer finally got it perfect. Once it got FDA registered and OBGyns gave their stamp of approval for the cup, it was go-time.

Our founder also had a deep desire to bring some much needed realness to the the 'femcare' space. Getting rid of the fluff, pastel colors and stiff language, she began managing cup users expectations from the start in a fun, relatable way, to create an overall better experience.

Gayneté is dead-set on making sure everything from Best, Periodt. is, well, the best, periodt. 👑


While menstrual cups were the first product launched, this is not just a menstrual cup company. There are many exciting products to come all aimed at helping you have your best period experience.


Shaking Things Up In The Best Way

Here at Best, Periodt. we are dedicated to educating customers, as well as raising awareness and breaking the stigmas around periods and the products associated with them.


We understand that Black people on average have heavier periods and are 2-3x more likely to have fibroids, and have taken this into account while creating our products.


We also get that not everyone who bleeds, identifies as a woman. As such our language and branding is gender-neutral.


As a Black woman founded, owned & run company, there are no performative photoshoots around here.

We showcase diversity not just on our social channels, but in the places it truly matters -- where decisions are made and impact is felt.

Even our instruction manuals have brown skinned bodies.

Minority representation isn't a second thought, but one of the foundational pieces of our brand's every move.


Impact Beyond Words.

Beyond the fly 1-of-a-kind custom features and cute packaging, Best Periodt is a menstrual care brand rooted in a mission to change the world.


Like Beyoncé, we want to leave our footprints on the sands of time. Like Sinatra, we want to do it in our own unique way.


We have givebacks built in. For every menstrual cup we sell, one is donated. In addition to this, part proceeds go towards ending human trafficking.


We also have an option to donate a cup on our site to assist with period poverty and have partnered with 3 different charities in this initiative, who distribute cups in the USA, Bermuda, Kenya, Sierra Leonne and throughout Latin America.


Period poverty is bigger than us. It's bigger than you. Together though, we can change the world.

No one should be without the basic necessity of period care.

Donate a menstrual cup here.




oh snap!

You're Still Reading 😏

We're basically besties now.

Check out our founder's welcome video made just for you right here.