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We get it, using a cup can seem daunting. If this is you 👇:

We can help. Below are some F.A.Q.s, answered by our founder.

  • Will my menstrual cup leak?

    You can do cartwheels, snorkel, sleep & eat chocolate on your hammock with it in. If inserted correctly (we provide an awesome user guide with each cup that gives you step by step detailed instructions to create the perfect seal), it will not leak. It's designed to be the best, periodt.

    Providing the cup is large enough to hold your flow, you'll be able to wear it for up to 12 hours at a time. Which means you'll only have to change it morning & night.

    NOTE: Size 1 holds 29ml , which is just over 2x the capacity of a super tampon and our Size 2 cup holds 40ml, which is  more than 3x (8 regular tampons / pads worth)!

    So either way, it'll mean changing a lot less than you currently are.
    If your cup is leaking and is not full, it could mean one of two things. Either your cup is the wrong fit for you or it didn’t seal properly during insertion. It's possible that it is bent at the rim and needs to be opened fully.

    Watch our tutorial here for creating a leak-free seal.

  • Will a menstrual cup stretch me out?

    It will not. Not only will your cup keep your private bits intact, your vagina will also be smiling as it does not disrupt its PH balance like alternative solutions do.

  • How does a menstrual cup work?

    Menstrual cups collect your blood, instead of absorbing it like a pad or tampon would. At the start of each cycle, you’ll boil your menstrual cup for no more than 5 minutes and allow to cool. You then simply fold it according to instructions, insert it into your vagina, and as blood sheds from the uterus lining, your cup will do the job of collecting it. 

    If inserted correctly, you should not feel the cup. 
    To remove and reuse you’d simply insert your thoroughly washed fingers into your vagina, feel for our easy-grip base above the stem, slightly pinch the base and slowly pull out, while keeping it upright.You’ll then dump the contents into the toilet and rinse the cup (and wash your hands) well in warm water before reinserting. There is no need to boil your menstrual cup between uses, only prior to using the cup at the start of your cycle. Boiling cup before you expect your period to arrive and putting in your hygienic Best, Periodt. pod-like case does the trick. Users find running it under water prior to folding and insertion lubricates it and makes it a breeze.

  • How do Best, Periodt. cups compare to others on the market?

    They don't. Best, Periodt. cups are in a class of their own! They're more comfortable, hold more blood, have a hygienic (& cute!) holding solution with our pod-like cup carrier and are made of the highest quality ingredients. Not to mentioned that they are female engineered, designed & owned! #GirlPower

  • Why are menstrual cups better?

    In addition to being cost effective and environmentally friendly, menstrual cups are also less maintenance (Best, Periodt. Size 2 cups for instance, can hold more than 3x the amount of blood as a super tampon and 8x a regular absorbency. Menstrual cups also maintain your vagina’s PH balance and are safer than alternatives. 
    With the ability to hold more blood than a tampon can absorb, that means less changes for you. If worn correctly, Best, Periodt. cups can last leak free for up to 12 hours! Our 100% medical grade, FDA registered, OBGyn approved, BioCompatibility certified and ISO 13485 cups are safe.
    Also, according to the CDC, most feminine care products tend to have many harmful substances used like carcinogens, reproductive toxins and allergens. And here’s the thing you need to know – your skin is your body’s largest organ and absorbs things put on it. Your vaginal tissue is even more absorbent. That means having hormone-disrupting, toxic chemicals is hella concerning. Menstrual cups don't have that.
    So in short, your Best, Periodt. cup is better not only because it's safer, but because it'll save you time (less changes) and money (no more buying tampons and pads). It's also made to be worn on both heavy and light days, helps the environment (pads & tampons clog up water ways) and gives back to an anti-child-trafficking charity each year. 

  • Is it vegan / environmentally friendly?

    Yes and yes. Best, Periodt. menstrual cups are vegan and environmentally friendly. Zero plastic in our packaging and eliminates the need for one time use menstrual products that pollute the environment. We care about the animals and the Earth!

  • Is the Best, Periodt. cup good for a newbie?

    Even if you've never worn a cup before, Best, Periodt. menstrual cups are right for you. They're soft enough to provide comfort, yet sturdy enough to create a leak-free seal. Our products come with a brilliant user guide that'll walk you through using your cup and you'd be a cup-wearing & loving pro in no time.

    When starting out and getting accustomed to creating the perfect seal, I get it can be nerve-wrecking especially if at work or in a public place, you want to make sure there are no chance for leaks.  If inserted correctly (we provide an awesome user guide with each cup that gives you step by step detailed instructions to create the perfect seal), it will not leak.​To build your confidence when first starting out, you can use a pad or pantyliner as added protecting until you feel confident in your cups-wearing-skills. Chances are you'll have some pads lying around anyway. Might as well use the last bit, as soon you'll no longer need them!

  • Can I use with an IUD (Intrauterine Device)?

    If you have any gynaecological, medical concerns/conditions or wear an IUD,  please consult with your healthcare provider before using your Best, Periodt. cup.

  • How do I know my correct size?

    Size 1 is for you if you're:
    Under 30 /  have a lower cervix / never had a vaginal birth / have a light to medium flow period. 

    Size 2 is for you if you're:​
    Over 30 / have had a vaginal birth / have a high cervix / have a medium to very heavy flow. 

    Note: Even Size 2 can be worn on light days. It just has the ability to handle your heaviest days with less changing than you normally would have.

    Also, I (the founder) am technically a Size 2 being over 30 with a child, but have worn the Size 1 multiple times and it's works well for me. Size 2 though is my go-to as it's perfect for heavy-flow days.

    Still confused? We have a quiz you can take at the bottom of our shop page right here.

  • Will it be messy?

    I'm going to keep it real with you if you're new to this, expect to get a little blood on your hands. 

    Using a menstrual cup does require you to get a little more up close and personal with your flow, but understand that it is clean and comfortable to use our Best, Periodt. cup.

    Remember to wash your hands well before inserting and removing, as well as after you’re finished reinserting.

    Once you get the hang of it, it'll be less blood on your hands. If you'd like to avoid the "mess", grab a piece of toilet paper and when you remove it, remember to keep upright (see short tutorial of how to remove your cup here).

    Do remember that cups are a body-healthy, chemical-free alternative that does not disturb your vaginal PH or cause dryness.

    Nothing is messier than an unbalanced, dry, disturbed vagina. Just sayin'...

  • Can it get stuck / lost "up there"?

    Your Best, Periodt. cup will not get lost and vanish in your vagina, we promise. I get that trying something new can be scary and that it can take some time to get the hang of insertion and removal. This said, understand that the vaginal canal is an elastic, muscular tube that's only about 2–4 inches long (yup, it lengthens when aroused). The cervix, positioned at the top of your vagina, actually stops the cup from going any further. There is nowhere for your Best, Periodt. cup to get lost inside you, as the vagina does not connect to other parts of the body.

    When inserted correctly (we have a detailed User Guide with every purchase), the Best, Periodt. cup should sit just below the cervix.

    If you have a super high cervix you may find sitting it a little lower helpful, making it easier for you to reach the stem and grip the base to remove it.

    The key at the beginning is to relax and make sure you keep your muscles relaxed for removal.

    Check out our video tutorials page for further training.

    Be patient and give yourself grace. It's a learning curve that's worth it. In a couple cycles you'll be a removal pro!

    If, however, you find yourself in a panic trying to remove, don't hesitate to seek medical assistance.

  • I have a really heavy period, will Best, Peroiodt. cups work for me?

    Oh for sure! Best, Periodt. cups were created with heavy bleeders in mind. Even the smallest cup size holds more blood than most brands' large! Our largest cup (size 2) holds more than 3x that of a super tampon (that's 8 regular pads worth). #WeGotchu

  • I have a light period, are Best, Periodt. cups too big for me?

    No, while our cups can handle heavy periods, they are also comfortable enough to wear on your lightest days too. For super light periods (lucky you!), the Size 1 may be your best option.

  • Can I __________ while using a Best, Periodt. cup?

    You can wear your Best, Periodt. cup  for any activity you normally participate in while menstruating, except for vaginal intercourse.

    So yes, you can twerk, swim, hula hoop, scuba dive, sleep, go camping, do HIIT training, yoga, weightlifting, handstands and anything else you'd normally do! If you are using the correct size and have inserted your Best, Periodt. cup correctly, it should not move out of place or leak no matter your activity level. Dope right?

  • Where are Best, Periodt. cups made?

    Best, Periodt. cups are manufactured in the U.S.A. In fact, even our boxes are USA made (and Canadian-Bermudian designed). We care about quality and sought out the best in the game to bring our vision to life. 

  • Can I pee / poop with my Best, Periodt. cup in?

    Yes, wearing a Best, Periodt. cup should not interfere with your ability to urinate or have a bowel movement.

  • How to use a menstrual cup in a public restroom?

    This is a concern I had when thinking about trying menstrual cups for the first time, so I get it.

    ​When in a public washroom, you may not be comfortable washing your menstrual cup  in the sink out in the open. If this is the case, wash your hands thoroughly before entering the stall, empty the contents of your Best, Periodt. cup into the toilet and simply use a dry or damp tissue to clean the cup. At the next convenient time, clean as per the User Guide instructions.

    It's always recommended to  wash your menstrual cup using potable (safe) water.  If traveling to a foreign country or camping, use bottled water to be on the safe side. Heck, you can even take a bottle of water in the bathroom stall at work if you really want to be fancy.

    We have a whole Youtube video on using a menstrual cup in a public restroom on our Best Periodt channel. We have you covered!

  • Do menstrual cups prevent pregnancy?

    No. Menstrual cups are not a birth control device and should not be used for this purpose either. Menstrual cups are solely for use as menstrual care protection and should only be used during and around menstruation. 

  • Will there be odor using a menstrual cup?

    It's unlikely. Typically, menstrual flow only begins to develop an odor when it is exposed to air, which means that you shouldn’t experience the same odor that is present with pads. #Win

    It's important to note, however, that an odor could develop if you wear Best, Periodt. cup  longer than the recommended 12 hours without removing and cleaning. Don't do that. It's nasty & unsanitary *straight face*

  • How do I clean my menstrual cup?

    First and foremost, always start with clean hands. Avoid fragranced soaps that may alter the pH of your vagina. While you're using your Best, Periodt. cup, simply rinse it thoroughly with clean water each time you empty it, before inserting it again.

    While on your period, there is no need to boil your cup between uses. 

    If you don't have access to a sink then use bottled water, or wipe your cup clean with a tissue or menstrual cup wipe.

    Prior to using:

    Boil for 5 mins before first use.

    At the start of each cycle, you’ll boil your menstrual cup for no more than 5 minutes. And please, for the sake of all things holy, allow to cool - it doesn't take long.

    Tip 1: You can run your cup under cool water to speed up the process)

    Tip 2: Boil prior to your period coming on and store in your hygienic, convenient, Best Periodt storage case.

  • Will my cup get stained?

    We did not use dyes, colorants or other nasties in the production of our cups, because of this, discoloration of your cup may be a little more obvious - turning the cup a yellowish hue.

    This is merely cosmetic and does not damage the effectiveness of your cup.

    TIP: When cleaning, use cold water (I know, goes against all we've ever been taught about stains) but when it comes to prolonging the pretty frosted menstrual cup, cold water preserves the fresh look longest.

    Also, while your cup can be worn for up to 10 years safely, we recommend changing it every 2 to keep it fresh looking ;)

  • Can you get Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) Using a Menstrual Cup ?

    The chances of getting toxic shock syndrome are very rare, and even rarer for cup wearers. To date we have not had any reports of TSS from not only our cups, but any cups from our first-class manufacturer. If you've had TSS in the past, consult with a medical professional before using. 

    We recommend talking to your doctor with regards to any gynecological/medical concerns or conditions. Our User Guide includes detailed instructions for use and maintenance, and it is important to use your Best, Periodt cup pursuant to these directions. Ensure you thoroughly wash your hands prior to insertion and removal and wash the cup properly between uses. Boil your cup for 5 minutes max prior to the start of each cycle.

    Discontinue use of the Best, Periodt. cup and contact your health practitioner if you experience any of the following symptoms: sudden vomiting, diarrhea, high fever, headache, sunburn-like rash, muscle aches, confusion or seizures.

  • What is Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)?

    Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a rare, but serious disease caused by toxin-producing strains of the Staphylococcus aureus bacterium. In extremely rare cases, the strain may present itself with infection linked to the use of internal menstrual care products or as a result of surgery or burns. When exposed to the strain, TSS may affect a small number of people (including men, women and children).

    We recommend talking to your doctor with regards to any gynecological/medical concerns or conditions. Our User Guide includes detailed instructions for use and maintenance, and it is important to use your Best, Periodt cup pursuant to these directions. Ensure you thoroughly wash your hands prior to insertion and removal and wash the cup with warm water and a mild, scent-free wash and boil prior to each cycle.

    We recommend that you consult a specialized medical professional prior to using a Best, Periodt. cup if you have been previously diagnosed with TSS.

  • Can I use if I have a latex allergy?

    Best, Periodt. menstrual cups are made out of the highest quality, medical grade silicone and are safe for those with latex allergies.

    Some great news is it's extremely rare to have an allergy or sensitivity to silicone. Many studies indicate that silicone is biocompatible with the body, which can explain why silicone has been used in the healthcare space for over 50 years.

    If you do find that you  experience skin sensitivity, immediately discontinue use and contact your health care provider.

  • Who is your cup NOT for?

    Our cup is suitable for most, however, not everyone.

    It is not suitable if:

    1) You have a silicone allergy (this is very rare but if this is you, sorry our cups are not for you. We will have new products in the future to help you have your best period though, so join our email bestie list!

    2) You just had a baby (menstrual cups are not for postpartum bleeding, but by the time your period comes back you should be good to go. Check with your doc prior to using to be sure though)


    3) You have a very short cervix (if you stick a clean finger into your vagina and feel your cervix by mid knuckle).

    Just keeping it real. We like money, but never enough to convince you to purchase something that isn't right for you. We like supporting bleeders to have their best experience more --- #YayForTransparency