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Menstrual Cup Quiz

If you're looking for a helpful menstrual cup quiz, you've made it to the right page on Beyoncé's internet (you know she owns the internet right?) - we digress.

Our dope menstrual cup quiz will help you figure out your menstrual cup size in 50 seconds or less. Yes, really. Finding the right size menstrual cup can be confusing, but luckily for you, we’ve got your back. With our fun interactive menstrual cup quiz, you’ll be able to find your perfect cup size within 50 seconds.

The perfect leak-free, comfy menstrual cup can be a reality for you and the size you choose is determinant on a few different factors like your age, cervix height and whether or not you’ve given birth.  Don’t worry, we make understanding this super simple with our period cup quiz.


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