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How to Choose a Menstrual/Period Cup

Before you purchase the most popular menstrual cup or just any period cup on the market, here are some factors you should first consider to make sure that your menstrual cup for heavy flow (or lighter flow) is right for your body.

1. Determine the height of your cervix

Determining whether you have a low, regular or high cervix is important. The location of your cervix will determine the amount of room you have for your cup length and if you should leave the stems as is or trim it to make it more comfortable for you.

Here are the steps:

  • Stand up while checking for greatest accuracy.
  • Do not check after, during, or before sexual intercourse. The cervix can change position and the length of your vagina can also change (yup, it’s true it actually lengths when aroused).
  • Wash your hands thoroughly first (it’s preferable that you have clean, short nails to reduce scratches and/or infection while feeling for your cervix).
  • Raise one leg on a chair or the toilet seat.
  • Insert your clean middle finger into your vagina until you feel the cervix, it will feel soft and spongy, like the tip of your nose. You may feel a dimple like a donut in the middle of it.

As a rough estimate, you have a:

  • High cervix if you are unable to reach it or have to strain and push real high to feel.
  • Regular cervix if you reach your cervix after inserting to your second knuckle (or a little after).
  • Low cervix if you reach it right away (at the first knuckle on your finger or before).

2. Determine your menstrual flow

If your flow is on the heavy side, you will need a reusable menstrual cup with higher capacity. While many brands have sizing they refer to as “Large or Size 2” it’s important to understand what this means. A regular pad or tampon is about 5 ml. Most brands’ large options are between 25-30ml (so, 5-5 regular pads). If you’re someone who typically changes a super pad or tampon (usually holds around 12ml) every hour or two, this may not be enough.

Now a Best Periodt cup Size 2 cup can hold 40ml. That’s 8 regular pads or tampons and an extra super tampon worth of capacity, saving you time from frequent changes. The Best Periodt cup Size 2 is also comfy enough for when you have a lighter flow.

We recommend that you go for the larger cup even if your flow is not heavy but if you are over 30, have given birth or have a high cervix.

3. Choose the firmness of the cup best for you

If you have strong pelvic floor muscles and/or exercise a lot, you may find that a firmer reusable period cup is better because it will pop open from the fold easier nd will not collapse due to pressure from your internal muscles.

If you have a sensitive bladder, you may find a softer cup easier to insert. Keep in mind though that real soft cups can be difficult to pop open once inserted.

Of course, we recommend trying our Best, Periodt. Cup, which has been called the best menstrual cup by so many people. It is firm enough to easily open and also soft enough to be comfortable and easy to insert. We’ve found the perfect medium.

Check out our menstrual cup reviews and feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our period cup which hold more blood and have a pod-like cup carrier for a hygienic solution (and many are saying are more comfortable).