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How Do Menstrual/Period Cups Work?

Instead of absorbing blood as a tampon or pad does, a menstrual cup collects the blood. Now before you say “eewww”, consider these 4 pros of using a menstrual cup:

  1. They save you time with fewer changes as they have higher capacity than pads, tampons and period panties
  2. They save you money as menstrual cups are reusable and can last up to 10 years
  3. Unlike alternative period care, they do not mess with your body’s natural PH balance, do not cause dryness and are toxin free (a lot of cotton is chemically altered)
  4. They are better for the planet. Approximately 20 billion single use menstrual products end up in landfills annually

Okay, now let’s get into what you’re really here for. Your menstrual (or period) cup works in the following way:

1. At the beginning of every menstrual cycle, you’d simply boil your reusable menstrual cup for 5 minutes at the most and then let the cup cool. You can do boil your cup in anticipation for your period and pop in your cute Best Periodt cup carrying case as well.

2. Fold the cup according to the instructions provided or the best method that works for you. We recommend running under cool water first before inserting to create additional lubrication.

3. Insert the cup into your vagina. (Don’t worry, we have a very detailed instruction manual showing you the best way to do this). As the blood releases from the lining of your uterus, the cup will collect the blood. If the cup is properly inserted, you should not even feel it there. Yup, it’s that comfy.

4. To remove the cup, wash your hands thoroughly first and insert your fingers into your vagina, feeling for our easy-grip base above the stem. Pinch the base slightly to release the suction and pull the cup out slowly while keeping it upright.

5. Pour the contents on the cup in the toilet.

6. With clean hands rinse the reusable period cup thoroughly in warm water (and a mild, scent free soap) before reinserting the cup. If you are not near a sink, you can use bottle water or simply wipe the cup clean with a period cup wipe or toilet paper.

You only need to boil your cup before you begin using at the start of your cycle, not between changes. All you need to do is simply boil this best menstrual cup for heavy flow before you anticipate your period to begin and placing it into the Best, Periodt. pod-like hygienic case. Remember, running the cup under water before folding and inserting is a good way to lubricate it and make insertion quick and easy.