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Electronic Gift Card


The gift that will be sure to be used at least a week every single month!

A gift card is the perfect solution for the vagina-havin' person in your life that loves all things healthy-living, sustainability and just all around dope products. 

They're also a great solution if you aren't sure which menstrual cup size to grab that special person in your life and would prefer that they choose for themselves.

Our Gift Card Policy ('Cause a store has to have rules ;)

Gift Card purchases are valid For 1 year after purchase (365 Days) and cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to someone else. The card will automatically expire after 365 days and cannot be recovered, so be sure to set a reminder in your phone to remind the one you're gifting it to, to use it before the expiry!

With a name like Best, Periodt. you're probably wondering what makes us so great.


Menstrual Cup

We gotchu with 20 Reasons.


Best, Periodt. Cups Are:


1. Gynecologist recommended (and many people swear they're the most comfortable cup on the market).


2. Sold with a convenient, breathable & very cute silicone case (not the lint-producing, cloth, drawstring bags others come with).


3. One-of-a-kind, easy-grip base + stem, to make insertion and removal easier for you.


4. Made without latex, dyes, BPA & other nasties. 'Cause, ew.


5. Made in the USA with the highest quality medical grade silicone.


6. FDA Registered in an ISO 13485 environment (you'd be surprised how many are not).


7. Business run and owned by a woman & God (refer to 16)


8. Fun. Not your traditional, boring, copy + paste pink, purple or pastel personal care brand with stiff language. Our tongue-in-cheek modern vernacular on our product packaging, socials and website is as bold as our yellow box itself.


9. We give back. Check out our Give Back Program.


10. Easy-to-read & follow, full-color user guide booklet included, perfect for newbies.

11. Better for the environment (reusable + FSC certified packaging).


12. Cost-efficient. Eliminating your monthly menstrual product expenses. You'll start saving after only a few months.


13. Time-saving. Our cups hold more than most on the market. Which means fewer changes for you. Our size 2 cup holds 8 regular pads / tampons worth (& our size 1, almost 6)!


14. Education-focused. We're committed to keeping you in-the-loop with your vaginal must-knows in a relatable, non-preachy way.


15. We care. We don't want to leave you with questions so we have email support, online chat support, helpful Youtube videos and tutorials + how-tos on our site. Plus we're available via DM over on Instagram @best.periodt


16.  God is our CEO. While, we can't legally put it on paper on this side of the heavens, it's a Proverbs 16:3 thing 'round here. We walk with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit 'round these parts. In the words of Victoria Orenze , we get backing ooooo. 


17. We unapologetically showcase minority representation. As a Black woman owned business, there are no performative photoshoots around here. We showcase diversity not just on our social channels, but in the places it truly matters -- where decisions are made and impact is felt. Even our instruction manuals have brown-skinned bodies. Minority representation isn't a second thought, but one of the foundational pieces of our brand's every move.


18. We're authentic. Our founder knows no other way to be, so authenticity is stitched into every fabric of our company. From our communication style to our promotional material.


19. We're customer-obsessed. We make a concerted effort to deeply understand our customer's problem and the best way to solve it with our products.


20. All-around, dope - just like you. 

We truly just want you to have your best period experience, periodt!


Take the Menstrual Cup Size Quiz

We want to make your purchase perfect, which includes helping you find the right menstrual cup size. Take our menstrual cup size quiz to discover the best product to buy to help you manage your periods without any worry, drama, or stress.

Our fun, interactive quiz for menstrual cup size takes less than a minute to complete. With just a few simple questions we can help you select the right Best, Periodt. cup based on your past periods, your age, and a few other details.

Getting it Right

We recommend you take our menstrual cup quiz whether this is the first time you have ever used a period cup or if you have used one before from another brand. We personally think ours is the best (and most fun) menstrual cup quiz, plus it is designed with our menstrual cups in mind. Just read the questions and choose the answer that most closely matches your period, and we will provide you the ideal period cup size to fit your needs.

Of course, our team is here to help you if you need answers to other questions, and our FAQ section also answers common questions people have about Best, Periodt.

Give Back Program

There are many things going on in this world that we don't agree with. We at Best, Periodt. figured, that instead of simply voicing our opinions on the interwebs, we should do something that contributes to real, meaningful change.


We are committed to donating cups to people in need to assist with period poverty.

We are about that Proverbs 14:21 Life:

It is a sin to despise one’s neighbor, but blessed is the one who is kind to the needy. (Proverbs 14:21 - NIV)


Here is a video of the students of Hope Academy in Sierra Leone receiving their Best Periodt cup donation.

Educational training about periods and how to properly use a menstrual cup was also provided.

Period poverty is a real issue everywhere. Simply ask a guidance counsellor in your area if they have students request access to pads/tampons. Many others miss school during the week of their period because their family cannot afford menstrual care. And it isn't just students. Many adults also miss days of work. And many who are homeless are also without this basic necessity.

Because of this, we want to do our part and provide menstrual cups to shelters with folk in need. 


Our current partnerships:


⭐️ We bLEAD Bermuda to assist those in Bermuda in need of period care

⭐️ Hope Academy a school in Sierra Leone 

⭐️ PATESI, a US based charity IRS 501 (c) (3) is helping those in Kenya, USA and throughout Latin America


Electronic Gift Card