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Retail Store Locations


Best Periodt cup Bermuda Store Locations:

The founder, born & raised in Bermuda, wanted to ensure Bermuda retail was set for launch! While the shelf prices may be higher than the website, remember that shipping & duty will come into play (our shipping warehouse is USA based), so it's faster & more cost effective to buy on island.

Best, Periodt. cups are available at the following retail locations:


⭐️  Clarendon Pharmacy


⭐️  Collector's Hill Apothecary 


⭐️  Hamilton Pharmacy


⭐️ Lindo's Market (Devonshire)


⭐️  Long Story Short (Water Street, St. George's)


⭐️  Northshore Pharmacy


⭐️  Paget Pharmacy


⭐️  Par-La-Ville Pharmacy


⭐️  People's Pharmacy


⭐️  People's Pharmacy ACW (In KEMH Hospital)


⭐️  Phoenix Centre Drug Store


⭐️  Robertson's Drug Store


⭐️  Salt + Cedar (Emporium Building, Front Street)


⭐️ The Duty Free Shop (Bermuda International Airport)


⭐️  Warwick Pharmacy


⭐️  Woodbourne Chemist



Best Periodt cup is also in over 800 US Store Locations and counting :)


New retailers to be stocked & updated in the very near future. 

If you're a retailer looking to sell our products, Check out our wholesale page here.