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The Best Menstrual Cup Storage Case

While many people can predict the day their period will start, knowing the exact hour is impossible for most. Carrying your Best, Periodt. cup with you is easy, convenient, and discrete with our revolutionary menstrual cup case. We remove the worries about damage to the cup or concerns about it being seen and recognized when you are busy with your life. Unlike other period cups, our menstrual cup carrying case offers a unique design. Bright yellow and made of silicone, it protects your Best, Periodt. cup from damage. And the smart design holes are positioned to prevent molding and allows your case to sit off of the counter. The use of silicone means the menstrual cup storage case does not collect dust or lint, and more importantly, it keeps dust, lint, and even liquid spills in your purse from coming in contact with the cup.

Multiple Uses

A period cup case is included with each purchase of a Best, Periodt. cup, and it is the perfect option to store the cup between uses or to carry it with you to work, school, or a night out. It is also an ideal menstrual cup travel case. The bright yellow color and discreet design make it easy to find in a purse, but not obvious as a menstrual cup case if it happens to fall out when you are digging for your keys or phone. There is no need to buy a case for menstrual cups when you choose Best, Periodt. products. Our menstrual cup case comes in the box, ideally suited to the size of period cup you choose. Like our period cups, it is designed to last for years. It is easily cleaned with soap and water as needed, making it not just cute but also practical. Grab your Best Periodt cup today.