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How to Remove a Menstrual/Period Cup?

When the Best, Periodt. Cup is correctly inserted, it should sit right below the cervix.

If your cervix is very high, you may prefer to have the cup sit in a little lower position, making it easier to grab the stem and the base to remove it.

Here are simple steps for removing our FDA registered menstrual cups:

1. First of all, keep your muscles in a relaxed position for cup removal.

2. Wash your hands. It is always important to have clean hands before touching or using your menstrual cup. Your best period cup for heavy flow needs clean hands, period ;)

3. Insert a clean finger into your vagina and gently push on any side of the cup to break the seal.

4. Pinch the base of the cup, slowly pulling it down and out, keeping it upright. Keeping it upright prevents you from making a mess. If you make any mess, have some toilet paper handy to clean up quickly.

5. Dump the blood from the cup into the toilet.

6. Wash the reusable menstrual cup in the sink and reinsert according to the inserting cup instructions that came with your cup.

Using a menstrual cup does require you to get more intimate with your flow, but also know that it is a comfortable and clean to use a menstrual cup. Also, because the Best Periodt cup has much higher capacity than other cups, you likely will not have to remove it publically nearly as much as you think. But in the event that you do have to, we have a YouTube video to help you with that.

Have patience as you get accustomed to using and removing the cup. After a few cycles of inserting and removal, you will be a menstrual cup pro.

Don’t worry, a menstrual cup cannot “get lost” as it cannot go beyond your cervix. If you have a high cervix and find it harder to remove simply relax. Being tense actually makes period cups harder to remove. Many find leaning back on the toilet and pushing their pelvis forward makes for easier access for removal.

Although unlikely, if you find yourself unable to remove the cup, don’t hesitate to get medical help.