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How to Insert a Menstrual/Period Cup for Beginners

Menstrual/period cups collect the blood flowing from your vagina instead of absorbing it as a tampon or pad does. If you are a beginner at wearing a menstrual cup, you, like many other menstrual cup virgins, may find that the Best, Periodt. cup is ideal for you. These cups are strong enough to form a leak-free seal, provide the necessary comfort and also have detailed instructions, perfect for newbies. The booklet-style user guide that comes with Best Periodt cups walks you through how to use a menstrual cup step-by-step. You will be a pro menstrual cup user in no time.

Here are some brief steps for inserting a menstrual/period cup:

1. At the beginning of every menstrual cycle, boil your menstrual cup for a maximum of 5 minutes and let it cool down.

2. Fold the cup per the directions provided.

3. Insert the cup into your vagina. The cup will collect the blood flowing out from the lining of your uterus. You should not feel the menstrual cup if it is inserted properly.

4. You can lubricate the cup for even easier insertion by running it under water before folding and inserting.

5. Before reinserting your period cup, always wash your hands thoroughly. You do not need to boil the cup between changes – only before you use the cup at the beginning of your menstrual cycle. Simply boil the cup before your period arrives and place it in the hygienic Best, Periodt. storage case.

Your cup should not leak if inserted properly. When first starting out and learning to create a leak-free seal, we recommend using a panty liner or pad for additional protection so that you feel more comfortable and confident going about your day.