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How to Clean a Menstrual/Period Cup

Cleaning your menstrual/period cup is actually very easy. Below are some simple steps to clean your period cup for the first time and during ongoing use.

During regular use, do the following to keep your cup clean:

1. To begin with, thoroughly wash your hands.

2. During the use of the Best, Periodt. cup use clean water to thoroughly rinse the cup every time you empty it, prior to reinserting it. Using a mild fragrance free soap is great, just ensure that all film is washed off prior to inserting.


  • You will not need to boil your cup between changes while on your period.
  • If you have no access to a sink, use bottled water, or use a menstrual cup wipe or clean tissue/toilet paper to wipe your cup clean. Check out our Youtube video here all about using your menstrual cup in a public bathroom.

Before using your period cup, the first time, do the following to clean your cup:

1. Boil the menstrual cup for 5 minutes before its first use. Also, boil your menstrual cup for 5 minutes max at the beginning of each cycle. Allow the cup to cool down before inserting.


  • You may speed up the cooling process after boiling for 5 minutes by running it under cool water
  • Store your cup in your convenient, hygienic (and very cute!) Best Periodt storage case

If you are concerned about what happens after you remove your cup and wash it, before replacing it, the flow of blood is not usually fast enough or heavy enough to leak on the floor or our legs while the cup is out. If this happens to occur (or you have a heavier flow), you can add a couple sections of toilet paper inside your underwear to absorb any spots that form while you wash your cup.