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How to Fold a Menstrual/Period Cup?

If you have decided to use a menstrual cup or at least give one a try instead of tampons or pads, you may need advice on how to fold the cup before insertion. That’s the reason for this short guide. #WeGotchu

Menstrual cups must be folded before insertion, unlike pads or tampons. There are many different types of cup folds out there, but ultimately you want to use the one that works the easiest for you. Everyone is different, and a fold your friend uses may not work for you, and vice versa.

The best folds for your Best, Periodt. Cup:

  1. The C-Fold
    1. With both hands hold the reusuable period cup underneath the rim with your thumbs closest to you.
    2. Simply squeeze the sides of the cup together to flatten it.
    3. Then, fold it in half lengthwise making a C-shape.
  2. The Push-Down Fold *(the Founder’s favorite cup folding method) *
    1. Hold the cup at the base with one hand.
    2. Put the index finger of your other hand on top of the rim of the cup and push the rim down towards the base.
    3. Next simply squeeze the sides of the reusable menstrual cup together and hold firmly while inserting.
  3. The 7-Fold
    1. With both hands, hold the cup under the rim.
    2. Flatten the cup by pushing both sides together.
    3. Fold down the right corner of the cup towards the stem.
  4. Double 7-Fold
    1. Just beneath the rim, hold the cup together with both hands.
    2. Flatten the cup by pushing the sides together.
    3. Fold down the right corner of the best menstrual cup towards the stem.
    4. Keep the cup in this position.
    5. Turn the cup and fold down the other corner of the period/menstrual cup toward the stem.

One of these folding methods should help you with an easy insertion of your Best Periodt Cup. We get that cup folds are better seen than read. Our detailed instruction guide shows you step-by-step pictures of the two easiest folds for the Best, Periodt. cup.